The matching of the investor's requirements and needs such as risk tolerance and growth potential preference with a specific investment. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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I. fit fit 1 [fɪt] verb fitted PASTTENSE also fit fitting PRESPART [transitive]
to put a piece of equipment into place, or a new part on a machine:
fit something on/​to something

• Interactive entertainment systems have been fitted on all the airline's 747s.

• Anti-theft devices are fitted to all our cars.

fit something with something

• Insurance is cheaper for homes fitted with alarms.

fit something → out phrasal verb [transitive]
to provide a room, building etc with decorations or equipment:
fit something → out with

• These boats are usually fitted out with electronic gear that costs thousands of dollars.

  [m0] II. fit fit 2 noun [countable, uncountable] ECONOMICS
if there is a fit between a company's different activities, they go well together and can be managed together profitably:
fit between

• The fit between the two merged supermarket chains is excellent.

straˌtegic ˈfit ECONOMICS
when a particular plan, product etc is suitable in relation to an organization's strategy:

• Corporate planners ensure that projects, however viable, possess `strategic fit'.

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fit UK US /fɪt/ verb (fitting, fitted, US usually fit)
[I or T] to be the right size or shape for someone or something: »

Their trained staff can take one look at your figure and tell you which brand of jeans is most likely to fit you.

fit in/into »

The device is small enough to fit into a shirt pocket.

[T] to add a piece of equipment to something else: »

Some insurance firms offer lower premiums to people who fit security locks and alarms.

fit sth on/onto/to sth »

You can claim money for having solar cells fitted on your home.

fit sth with sth »

The vehicle may be fitted with a satellite tracking system.

[T] to be suitable for someone or something: »

You adjust your strategy to fit the business realities.


Her new role fits her well.


What alternatives fit the needs of the corporation and provide the best solution?

[I + adv/prep] if two or more things fit, or if one thing fits with another, they suit each other well: fit together »

The organization and the people must fit together.

fit with sth »

We select individuals who are most likely to fit with the firm's culture.

[T] mainly UK to make someone or something suitable for something: fit sb/sth for sth »

How do you think your career to date has fitted you for this particular job?

fit sb/sth to do sth »

Academic qualifications alone do not fit a person to become a good manager.

fit the bill — Cf. fit the bill
fit UK US /fɪt/ noun [S]
the way in which two or more things suit each other or work together: »

The two banks are a perfect fit.

a fit with sth »

This role is a great fit with my experience in Asia.

a fit between sth and sth »

There must be a fit between the environment and the organization.

a fit for sth »

A financial product must be a good fit for the client's particular needs and aspirations.

the way that something such as a piece of clothing fits: »

Testers loved the comfortable fit of the armholes.

See also STRATEGIC FIT(Cf. ↑strategic fit)
fit UK US /fɪt/ adjective
suitable for a particular purpose or activity: be fit for sth »

The Seller gives no undertaking that the goods are fit for any particular purpose.

fit for human consumption — Cf. fit for human consumption
fit for purpose — Cf. fit for purpose

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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